Thursday, January 26, 2012

the anomalous aunt

This last week, Lee and I had to be out of town for five days, which caused us to ask friends and family to help watch over the two younger boys. John's basketball games left him staying with a couple different folks and ending up at his great aunt's domicile. Randy was fortunate to get to stay with her for the entire duration.

So, before we left, I forced my 79-year-old aunt to accept a $20 bill because I KNEW she'd take the boys out and spoil them. I also knew that my stubborn aunt would try to refuse that and would definitely refuse anything more. I succeeded...or so I thought.

Today in the mail I received the $20 with the sweetest note saying they didn't need the money for anything during the boys' stay. I found that ironic since she took Randy to a soccer game that cost $3 per person, conveyed the boys out to eat on several occasions, bought some special soup and medicine for one boy's upset tummy, etc. And that, folks, is the way she is.

Needless to say, to my boys (and to me), "Aunt J" is indeed the one who put 'great' in the term great aunt.

tidbits from April 2011

Pic.1: Lee and I were able to attend the court proceedings when our dear friends adopted their newest addition to their family. Oh! How I cried for joy for them... and for me, as I have been adopted into God's family.

Pic. 2: For some inexplicable reason, the front of our oven burst into thousands of tiny glass beads. Freaky!

Pic. 3: My honey turned 43. =)

Pic. 4: Lee and my hair-dude, Sean, and I went out for Ethiopian food. It was delicious, but it was also strange to eat an entire meal in public only using your hands. I managed fairly well. =)

Pic. 5: Woohoo! What a treat!
Lee, John and Randy got to meet baseball hall of fame player Tony Gwynn.

Pic. 6: As always, when our cadet, Miss Anna Mgr., comes over, it's crazy fun. Ah, balloon battles...

Pic. 7: Katy had her last guitar lesson with our good friend Joanie. We miss her hospitality, and I miss the comfy red chair by the wood stove. :(

Pic. 8: John had out-patient surgery to attach a transmitter to his esophagus. Sure enough, he has terrible acid reflux and will require surgery in about a year.

Pic. 9: My oldest baby turned 19. Now he's a BIG baby! =)

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  1. I can't believe Trey is 19!! Oh, how they grow so fast. Hope things are going well (no more exploding ovens, o.k?) Looking forward to your next update! We are in the middle of our long-awaited (say, 14 years!) kitchen remodel. I HOPE to post photos but don't hold your breath!

    Take care - Kate